Membership is the backbone of any Association. Serving your existing members and developing a robust model for growing your association membership are the crucial business activities of an association. We help you to come winner on this front. We at GAM, maintain continuous contact with your association members and engage them. Our online membership management tools give you the ability to customize membership types, membership applications, reminders and renewal notices. You create a membership module that fits your unique needs. The membership processes easy and simple, yet advanced enough to support the varying needs of existing and incoming members.


  • Guidance to select, installs, configure and manage the right association management software solution for your organization.

  • Providing information to members and prospects and Invoice members for dues processing membership applications and renewals.

  • Managing member email announcement lists, and membership renewal.

  • Your members and non-members can register for your events online and pay event registration fees.

  • It provides a simple interface to set-up and maintain member usernames and passwords for your members. Once a password is issued the system is self-managing, your members can change or retrieve their passwords themselves.

  • It helps to manage recurring dues billing process automatically by setting of members for future billing after each renewal invoice sent.

  • Membership and registration fees can be collected in one simple transaction.

  • Automated membership renewal emails.

  • Membership Recruitment and Retention<

  • Membership Support Services