Consulting Services

GAM provides consulting services to solve revenue growth problems for our partner associations, whether it is membership, product, sponsorship, or exhibitor programs. We identify the underlying factors contributing to an organization’s revenue stall or design new approaches to help take revenue to the next level.

For our primary areas of consulting, our methodical approach enables our team to resolve our client’s overall challenge. We begin with a comprehensive Association Review, which includes:

  • + Detailed business analysis, including revenue streams of member companies or sponsors, as applicable
  • + Review of the marketing and sales process for sponsorship, membership, or programs, including measurement of sales activity
  • + Interviews with association members and key staff for critical insights

Our team then conducts an in-depth Industry Analysis and design tailor made solutions.

Key Activities

  • + Executive Services
  • + Board and Committee Support
  • + Strategic Planning
  • + Issues Management
  • + Government Relations
  • + Fundraisings
  • + Starting an Association
  • + Leadership Development
  • + Organizational Structure
  • + Organizational Values & Values-Based Planning
  • + Organization Mergers
  • + Staff Development
  • + Team building