Over the past decade technology has changed at lightning speed. Systems are more intuitive and user friendly than ever before. Technology has revolutionized the association management, changing how conferences and events are planned and executed, what they look like, what attendees do on site, how they are evaluated, and more.

Innovative association professionals understand the importance of keeping an eye on technology because ultimately it is a cost-effective way to streamline daily operations and keep members engaged.

Alpcord Network brings the most advanced technology tools for Associations and their conferences and events which help them to achieve their goals and spread bigger impact.

Give your event a competitive edge with GAM’s Association Technology advantage!

Key Tech tools for Associations

  • + Implementing and configuring secure SaaS association management technology solutions for managing your organization’s membership and automating financial transactions
  • + Email/Marketing Automation Platform
  • + Managing online event registration systems to plan and monetize association events
  • + Developing and maintaining public web presence
  • + Performing contract and issue management with web hosting companies and solutions providers
  • + Developing mobile applications to drive member engagement
  • + Providing Search Engine Optimization to increase exposure
  • + Online Community Platform
  • + Elections and Polls management tools
  • + Online interactive, survey and feedback management tools
  • + Project Management tools