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An expert blend of Strategy, Communication and Marketing professionals form GAM in-house Marketing Division. Ranging from marketing or promoting events.

This team remains focused on creating and delivering enhanced value to your Association. They are thus able to attract, retain and grow individual and industry image of your Association.

To focus on the niche, specialized and special interest market and to introduce innovative technological concepts to increase both networking opportunities and productivity.

To be a recognized leader in the field of Association Management while maintaining our authentic level of service founded on basic core values of integrity. GAM endeavors to achieve a dynamic, successful focusing upon innovations in a long-term.

Why Association Management

Association management' may be defined as the application of knowledge and expertise necessary for the good and beneficial management, marketing, development of trade associations, professional institutions and other membership-based organizations.

The phenomenal growth of trade associations, professional societies and other non-profit organizations has dramatically increased the need for effective, professional management.The concept of association management has existed for more than 100 years and presents an alternative solution to this situation. Today’s associations and societies are continuing to appreciate and embrace the many advantages of an association management company.


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